Welcome to TCTC!

We are so glad that you are here! TCTC exists to pool the resources of churches in order to create an event which calls the casual, commits the called, and challenges the committed students of today's culture to a deeper walk with Jesus.

Our hope is that any information you will need for this years convention can be found in this guide. If you can't find what you are looking for, we apologize,  just stop by the TCTC Information Booth located just outside the Main Hall.

2020 Convention Guide

General Information


Want to have a chance to see you and your group on the big screen during main sessions? Make sure you use the hashtag #TCTC2020 with all your posts!


To help alleviate the "mad rush" for front row seats, we are giving everyone the opportunity for a good seat. Each group is assigned a wristband color. This wristband will designate your seating section (not a specific seat...but a specific area). There are four different colors and four different sections. Each time you enter a main session, your area will have moved. You can find your seating assignments on the map in this guide and by the flags in the Main Hall. If you'd like to ensure that your group can sit together, have everyone show up early or sit in the overflow section in the very back. Seat-savers will be moved to the overflow section.


Individuals with orange vests are security personnel. Please don't give them a hard time...they're volunteers here to help TCTC be the best experience for everyone. Let them know they're doing a great job.


Please visit our TCTC Information Booth just outside the Main Hall for first aid and lost & found.


All youth sponsors are invited to visit the Sponsor Room upstairs to trade in their voucher for a goodie bag & coffee.

Friday: 6:10pm-11:00pm

Saturday: 8:10am-12:30pm &3:40pm-10:30pm

Sunday: 8:10am-12:00pm


Our Prayer Room upstairs provides a quiet place to slip away and talk to God about the convention, your students, sponsors, or anything else weighing on your heart. You will also find an optional prayer station guide, and staff available to pray with you.


Unhappy little one? Located upstairs and open during all main sessions is a room equipped with just about everything you might need for your child, plus a live monitor feed from the Main Hall so you won't miss out on what's happening downstairs.


The Sensory Room provides a calm space with low light and less volume for a student who may have difficulty processing the lights and sounds of the Main Hall. The room is equipped with sensory items such as bean bag chairs and noise canceling headphones. Students MUST BE accompanied by an adult.


Check out the artist tables and guest exhibitors in the lower gallery outside the Main Hall. There will be an extended autograph time after the Saturday evening session, and you can check out the exhibits before sessions.

Take Note:

-Exhibits will not be available on Sunday morning.

-You will not be allowed to enter the Main Hall from the exhibits until the crowds have finished entering from the two exterior entrances.


Formerly known as Workshops or Electives, each Encounters is an opportunity for you and your students to go deeper during TCTC. You can choose from a variety of Encounters offered upstairs on Saturday. Check out the list of Encounters here.


Please don't forget to fill out our online evaluation form. We value your input as we start to prepare for TCTC 2021.


Friday Alpha Session: $5,895.59

Friday Omega Session: $7,488.75

Saturday AM Omega Session: $4,441.71

Saturday PM Alpha Session: $8,143.97

Sunday Alpha Session: $4,942.13

Sunday Omega Session: $5,807.38

Running Total: $36,719.53