Encounters, formally known as Electives, is an opportunity for you

and your students to go deeper during TCTC.

Encountering Prayer

(Ballroom A)

Lead by Molly Conaway

"We all pray whether we think of it as praying or not," one author said. In this experience we will discover the mysteries of prayer, consider why we pray, and introduce ourselves to different forms of prayer, from more contemplative styles to more physically active styles. We will take time practicing these prayers together so that we can include them in our spiritual rhythms at home!

Encountering New Realities

(Ballroom B)

Led by Matt & Brent

In our everyday life, we don’t often experience realities outside of ourselves that many other people around the world experience. Through the eyes of missions, this encounter will expose opportunities to serve others outside of your own reality. Brent will walk you through opportunities to share the message of Christ with refugees, immigrants, and urban poor that live closer than you think. Matt, who has worked among Syrian Refugees, will share more global opportunities and provide examples of traditional and strategic opportunities to serve around the world.

Encountering Others

(Ballroom C)

Led by Brad Perry

We all have a job to share the gospel… many of us know that but struggle to know how to actually go about participating in this job throughout our day to day. Peter says, “Always be prepared to give an answer for the hope you have in Christ,” but how do we do that? Brad will be sharing with us how we can share this good news in our circle of influences and using our platform, whatever that may be, to make the name of Jesus known.

Encountering a Masterpiece

(Ballroom D)

Led by Jessica Haas

Imagine your favorite work of art… Imagine a painting or sculpture that others consider a masterpiece… Did you know this is what God thinks of you? You are his masterpiece, his handiwork. Being a creator of art herself, Jessica Haas will unpack Ephesians 2:10, helping us understand this truth that we are created for something more than we imagine.

Encountering the Psalms

(Room E)

Led by Jody Owens

Do you ever find it difficult to honestly speak your feelings to God and to others? Whether it be feelings of doubt, pain, suffering, or loss we often conceal our true feelings with sugar coated “Christian Speak.” But the Psalms teach us another way, a healthier way, to engage and express the difficult times in our lives. Using the Psalms, Dr. Owens will teach you a valuable way to honestly talk with God about the things that matter most.

Encountering Teenagers

(Room F)

This Encounter is for ADULTS ONLY led by Brian Leslie.

By now you have probably seen some of the sobering stats on the dropout rate of Christian teenagers from faith once they graduate from high school. Well, there is some good news. Through research and tried and true methods there are a few essential ingredients that will prepare students to have a faith that will last well beyond high school. Through this workshop, Parents and youth workers both will be encouraged and equipped to help teenagers have a faith that will stick.