Group Questions

Use the following questions to begin conversations with your students after each main session.

Session 1: "The Picture Perfect"

Scripture: Mark 8, Matthew 16, Psalm 139


1. What does God declare about David? (Psalm 139:14)

2. Do you believe that to be true about your life?

3. What does it mean to feel God? Is He real?

4. What does it mean to be an island unto yourself?

5. Describe what a picture perfect life would look like.

6. If God declares you "wonderful made", who do you say Jesus is?
7. Can you trust Him with the unknown, when He seems to be NOWHERE?

Session 2: "The Giant Among You"

Scripture: John 5, 1 Samuel 17


1. Do you want to get well? (John 5:6)

2. What is your mat? Is there a trial in your life that poses as a giant? Is it paralyzing you?

3. What does it mean to allow your trials to become that gift that the Lord is using?

4. What does it look like to be comfortable in your own skin?

5. Is the Holy Spirit working in your life? How will you carry your mat to celebrate those moments NOW?

Session 3: "Altars to Monuments"

Scripture: Luke 24, Exodus 16


1. You may not see Jesus, but what are some ways that you can recognize Him in your midst? (Luke 24:21)

2. What is the difference between seeing and recognizing?

3. How is the Lord using your circumstances to move in your life?

4. Manna, the bread from heaven, was translated as a question - "What is it?" If Jesus proclaims that He is the Bread of Life, how does that translate into a promise of hope for us?

5. What does it mean to exit from now to HERE?

Session 4: "Beyond The Grooves"

Scripture: Acts 3, Isaiah 53


1. How will people know that you have been with Jesus? (Acts 4:13)

2. What does it mean to be contagious by the wya that you live?

3. Explain the difference between happiness and having peace?

4. Why is it important to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you from that grooves of religion to the pursuit of knowing Jesus more?

5. How is your life with Jesus going to encourage people who are currently living in those NOWHERE places of their own souls when they can't feel, or recognize the Lord's presence?