Group Leader Check List

While you are here on the website:

□ Check the hotel lists and locate housing – Contact local hotels and chalet rentals. If you hope to stay in a chalet you probably should have started that a long time January of this past year. Remember that TCTC is in the mountains in January and has never canceled because of weather. Those staying in chalets need to take transportation and road conditions into consideration.

□ Investigate Alpha and Omega track – Look at the schedules, your drive time, when you hope to arrive and leave, and make a decision on which track will fit your group the best. Both tracks are the same other than the times. Think it through and choose wisely.


As soon as you log off the website:

□ Create and distribute a commitment letter – Hand out or mail this letter to be signed by students and parents committing to attend the event. Use this form to get t-shirt sizes. If you didn’t know, your students and adults get free t-shirts with their Super Early Bird or Early Bird registrations. It stinks to go online the day of the Early Bird deadline only to realize that you have no t-shirt sizes and you are now going to be me.

□ Set a deadline for commitment letters – Make sure your deadline will allow you to get all of your registrations in by the Super Early Bird deadline. This helps eliminate a lot of headaches in adding and subtracting registrations and hotel rooms.

□ Schedule a parent meeting – With new students coming into your ministry, and this possibly being your first time at TCTC, it’s always good to have a parent meeting to help them know your deadlines, understand what TCTC is, and keep them in the loop. Have extra commitment letters on hand for anyone who forgot theirs.

□ Begin promoting the event and highlighting bands and talent – If your students are hearing the music, the jokes, and other tastes of what TCTC will offer they will be more excited and invite more friends.


November 1, 2018:

□ Register by this day, the Super Early Bird deadline – Be sure to register students and volunteers by this date. Who wants to pay full price?

□ If you have not yet booked your hotel, now’s the time! – Rooms will fill up and it gets harder to have your students blocked together. By now you should have a solid number of students and adults who are attending because they are registered, right? Seriously! Who wants to pay full price? But if it makes you feel better book an extra room or two, just don’t forget to cancel those rooms if you don’t need them later. But having extra rooms available keeps you from turning away students who might be joining the party late.

□ Finalize transportation plans – Be sure that you know what vehicles you are taking and that your housing option has parking or access needs for that vehicle.


December 6, 2018:

□ Make any additions to your registration by this day, the Early Bird deadline – By adding registrations by this date, you save money and get free t-shirts with each registration. You’ll also want to make any changes to the t-shirts sizes you guessed at on your Super Early Bird registrations. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.

□ Mail out final packet – Mailing this little packet out ensures that people will look at it. We all love to get snail mail. This packet can include permission and medical release forms that your church requires, packing list, information on early dismissal from schools, schedules for the weekend along with departure times, emergency contact numbers, etc.

□ Collect all of your permission forms and money – Who wants to be collecting all of that stuff and thinking about those details during the madness of Christmas and New Years. Enjoy your family and the holidays and get this out of the way.

□ Notify the convention of anyone in your group with special needs – TCTC wants to provide a great experience for everyone regardless of their situation. If you have a participant who is hearing or visually impaired or has limited mobility, let us know now. We’ll work hard to make sure they have what they need to enjoy the convention.


January 3, 2019:

□ This is the last day to make registration changes online before the event – Our Registrar will work hard to make your registration experience the best possible, but she needs the week of the convention to get everything printed out and ready for your arrival. You’ll be able to make any changes at the door.

□ If you haven’t already, sign your group up for a Hands-On Experience – Your group will be glad you did.

□ Finish collecting the forms and money – We know you were a nice person and/or a

procrastinator. Trust us, we can relate.


January 11, 2019:

□ Celebrate the weekend – Our prayers are that God does more than you can ask or imagine. Celebrate what He has done in your group. This is a great time to fill out an

online evaluation form to help us know what we did right and how we can improve.

Good luck, this is a great weekend of fun and learning. If the details are taken care of ahead of time, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the conference alongside your students, but you’ll also have the margin to invest your thoughts and energy into their lives. See you in January!