TCTC 2021 Update


We hope and pray that you, your families, and ministries are doing well. We know that this has not been an easy season of life for many. As our board began meeting in February of this year we were so excited about seeking God’s vision for TCTC 2021. Wrestling through scriptures, themes, speakers, bands, talents, etc. As the year has gone on we have been forced to ask and confront difficult questions about the possibility of TCTC 2021.

To begin, I want you to know that we are praying intensely over God’s direction for TCTC, however we feel that it is important to reach out now and inform everyone with where we are in processing TCTC. This is NOT a statement informing you that TCTC is being cancelled. That may be a possibility but that is why we are reaching out. We want to hear your voice and heart about this matter and urge you to join us in prayer as we seek God’s will. We have a few questions that we would love to hear your feedback on. Just to prep you this is not a multiple choice questionnaire but rather a short answer style. The way in which Covid-19 has impacted the abilities to plan for ministry and community is massive. Bringing people together has never been more of a challenge than it is right now.

So we ask again if you would please join us in seeking God’s direction and wisdom concerning TCTC 2021. Please click the following link to participate in the survey.

Whether we meet in Gatlinburg, it looks different, goes virtual, or gets cancelled we want to invite as many people as possible to be listening to God’s voice as we navigate these difficult times. We have decided as a board that we will make a decision on what direction to take by early August. Also we have a prayer team. If there are any ways that we can be praying for you, your family, friends, or ministries please share those with us in order that we may join you in taking those to the Father. We love you all and are so grateful for your partnership with TCTC all these years. May we continue bringing students into the presence of Jesus.