Tennessee Christian Teen Convention
2022 Student Talent Information

The goal of our Student Talent is to encourage students to use their gifts to glorify God and to promote the theme of the Convention. This is no longer a Competition. We want to highlight our student’s gifts but there will no longer be first, second, or third place Winner. Select Christian Colleges may offer scholarship prizes to winners in Public Speaking, Band, Vocal Music and Drama categories. Those that will receive any available scholarships will be selected by the organization offering that scholarship and will be based on their vision for this scholarship fund.

We look forward to seeing your talents at work for God's glory this year with our theme LOSE!

General Competition Information

  • All entrants must be middle or high school students registered for TCTC.
    Entries should reflect the 2022 theme LOSE.
  • The 2022 theme is drawn from Philippians. We recommend viewing the Welcome Letter for more details.
  • Students may only submit one entry.
  • Original works by entrants are strongly encouraged.
  • Some entries may be eligible for a scholarship award through supporting Christian Colleges. This is not a guarantee and will be dependent on individual college partnerships that are subject to change. We recommend you watch our website and Facebook page for information.
  • All entries must be submitted via a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) by filling out the google form and attaching the video or file link. There is a 10 minute maximum for all video submissions.
  • Talent entries will be posted on our Facebook page to highlight your student, Youth Group, and teams.
  • Talent entries must be submitted before November 20th 2021.
  • A Google Form must be submitted for each entry. You can find our Google Form at this link.
Student Talent entry suggestions:
Vocal talent such as  a music video of a solo or duet,
Band entries,
Drama talent,
Dance team entries,
creative writing,
art and painting entries,
Public speaking such as a sermon or devotional,
as well a host of other options and possibilities.
We look forward to seeing your talents at work for God's glory this year with our theme LOSE!

Questions concerning competitions?
Please use the contact us section of our website at

Access our official Google entry form here!