Welcome to TCTC!

Hey TCTC Friends!

We have so many amazing things in store for you at TCTC2019! I know that God is working in our planning process and I wanted to share with you our vision for TCTC this coming year. Our theme this year was birthed from a Brennan Manning quote:

The music of what is happening can be heard only in the present moment, right now, right here. Now/here spells nowhere. To be fully present to whoever or whatever is immediately before us is to pitch a tent in the wilderness of Nowhere. It is an act of radical trust—trust that God can be encountered at no other time and in no other place than the present moment. Being fully present in the now is perhaps the premier skill of the spiritual life. There is only NOW…real living is about…experiencing who or what is immediately before us…to live in the present moment requires profound trust that the abundant life Jesus promised is experienced only in Nowhere.” —Ruthless Trust , pp. 150-158

“Who do you say I am?” are the words Jesus uttered to Peter in Mark 8:29. Peter said that Jesus was the Messiah. Let’s be honest, sometimes in the here and now, it is hard to answer as Peter did. Although some of us say those words often, our belief and actions are more like Peter at his betrayal than in this scene. 

I feel like Youth Ministry today feels pressure to provide all the answers and to keep students “feeling” something in their faith. The truth is, Youth Ministry needs to be a safe place for anyone on any level of faith/doubt/belief. Instead of providing answers, we need to allow students to go through the natural cycle of disorientation/reorientation without feeling pressure to give an answer of “reading more” or “praying more” or “doing more”... The journey into Nowhere is one that is necessary and hard but understanding that God is present in the darkest of times is the key to unlocking the deep mystery of the faith. The Theology and faith of students is still being formed and in process-What if their view of Jesus is not what Jesus is really about? Is Jesus trying to tell them something else?

In January, we will journey from Nowhere to Now/Here and back! I hope you will join us next year!

Grace and Peace, 

Andrew Church

TCTC2019 President