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Are you a youth minister or sponsor? Would you like to help plan TCTC? Then we would love you to join us at our 2016 TCTC Planning Meeting in February as we begin planning for TCTC
next year.

2016 TCTC Planning Meeting RSVP

Help us make TCTC 2016 even better! Please take a few minutes and fill out this evaluation that will help us in planning next years convention.

2015 Evaluation

Unspoken Small_edited-1.jpg New Jeff Walling Small_edited-1.jpg New Lost & Found Small_edited-1.jpg New JHB Small_edited-1.jpg New Joe Castillo Small_edited-2.jpg New Propaganga Small_edited-1.jpg New Carrollton Small_edited-1.jpg

  TCTC 2015 Fun Facts & Figures

Mission Offering Total: $30,731.02!!!

Clothes' Bags Packed: 217

Convention Registrations: 4,741

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